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UPDATE: Student to blame for threatening note at Wausau middle school


A student is being held responsible after a threatening note was found Tuesday at a Wausau middle school,according to the Wausau Police Department.

Police said the note was a prank but said they are asking parents to "remind children that making threats, even in a joking manner, is not appropriate and will be taken seriously, regardless of one’s intent."

The student who wrote the note is not being identified.

District staff said student safety is a top priority.

Officials said it was discovered Tuesday  in a large group room by a janitor at Horace Mann on Wausau's east side. They said the note is likely a prank and will be talking to students who were in the room at the time.

Principal of the school said officials went into action immediately. "Right away we went into our safety protocols, which was to inform our local police department including our school recourse officer," said Principal Dr. Rob Phelps.

Parents received both a voicemail message and email after the note was found.

"My stomach went nuts, those are my kids," said Kendra Lewitze a mother of four at Horace Mann Middle School. "It was kind of disconcerning especially in lieu of everything going on with other schools in our country."

Lewitze immediately picked up her kids from school.

Her daughter was inside the middle school at the time and was confused as to what was going on."I felt really nervous and scared that there was a threat there," said Kijana Taylor a fifth grade student at the middle school.

School officials are not revealing what was written on the note. Phelps said despite the whole incident being a hoax, the school has safety measures in place no matter what.

"We continually review our safety plans, and I can definitely assure you and our parents and our students that we have great safety plans in place," said Phelps.

Classes at Horace Mann Middle School resumed as scheduled Tuesday.

A school resource officer will remain at the school for the remainder of the day. District staff said student safety is a top priority.


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