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A northwoods school considers metal detectors to increase safety


In wake of many school threats nationwide, a Northwoods school is pushing for tighter security.  

Lakeland Union High School district leaders said they've planned to make the changes for some time, and they're turning to metal detectors for a better peace of mind.

"I've had it [the idea] in the back of my mind for several years," Lakeland Union High School Board President, Edward Schaub said."Probably about 10 years ago."

A security measure similar to what you see in airports, courthouses, and stadiums. 

"Metal detectors, that's what I would really like to have. Ya know there's kids that bring things into the school that I'm sure we're not aware of and I would really like to prevent even that smallest possibility," Schaub said. 

The principal and district administrator, James Bouché, said his awareness of security came after Columbine in 1999. 

"Whether it's a prank or whether it's the .5% that it could happen, that just gives more reason why security always has to be at the forefront and never at the back burner," Bouché said. 

LUHS already has 100 cameras throughout the school, bullet-proof glass in the front office, and a school resource officer at school every day. 

"We in the world of education are realizing there's a lot of different things we have to do," Bouché said.

Bouché said he wants students and staff to feel as safe as possible. 

"When you talk about people feeling secure and safe, they feel that at home, we want to make sure they feel that here when they come to LUHS," he said. 

But the changes will come at a cost. 

"We can always put it on the tax roll if we have to, we may be in a position where we don't have to put it on the tax roll," Schaub said. "If we could do it financially, I would like to see it come about for the next school year.

A price they are willing to pay for student safety. 

State Superintendent Tony Evers sent a letter yesterday to Governor Scott Walker asking for a special session to adopt a school safety agenda. 

He said, "All of these proposals are focused on improving safety for students and their schools."

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