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Cranberry farmers concerned about E.U. tariff retaliation

THORP, Wis. (WAOW) -

With the European Union vowing to tax popular U.S. exports in response to President Trump's tariff order, Wisconsin cranberry growers are worried about becoming collateral damage.

"We're very concerned with the tariff and the tariff wars that might be coming down at us," said Frederick Prehn, the chairman of CranGrow - the world's second-largest cranberry coop.

The Badger State supplies more than half of the world's cranberries, so an export tax would be a financial blow to business.

"And we export 85 percent of our crop to the E.U. and Asia," said Prehn.  "That's a big number, it's a huge export crop for us." 

But regardless of how much of a hurdle a trade war would would be, Prehn said he'll be staying in business.

"And if there's more tariff's, we'll find a way to sell them in other areas of the world," he said. "It's not going to put us out of business, it's just one more obstacle we'll have to endure, and we will overcome it."

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