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Politicians talk gun control as one month since Florida school shooting approaches


As students plan to walkout of schools Wednesday in response to their stand on gun control, local politicians weighed in Tuesday on the nationwide debate. 

Wednesday marks one month since the gunman opened fire in his former school. 

Since the Valentine's Day shooting, many students focus on one main topic.

Congressman Sean Duffy said they're focusing on the wrong thing.

"They got everything wrong and now 17 kids are dead," Duffy said. "For the school and the community to point to the NRA rather instead of looking at themselves, I mean you had a law enforcement officer who refused to go in."

He said the recent massacre could have been avoided. 

"You have a kid who's making threats to the schools that he's going shoot up the school and law enforcement is called to his house over 20 times and law enforcement didn't do anything?" he asked. "The school didn't do anything to protect those kids?"

State Superintendent and gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers said as a nation we need to move forward. 

"It seems like there were some mistakes made but I think we need to think about what we do going forward," Evers said. 

Evers will introduce a $50 million school safety plan to Governor Scott Walker. 

The plan includes, revenue limit exception, mental health, and issues around bullying and other things that happen in school. 

"We believe [the plan] is necessary in order to make our schools safe," Evers said. 

Both Duffy and Evers are concerned about the safety of students at school. 

The Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety asked Walker to "stand on the side of safety for our children and communities." 

The governor plans to meet with Senate Republicans Wednesday to talk about his legislative package which includes school safety. 

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