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Women's History Month: Elite Carriers


In honor of Women's History Month, Newsline 9 is highlighting women who are breaking barriers in Central Wisconsin. 

At Elite Carriers LLC, a trucking company in Merill, Tammy Guite is in the driver's seat.

She took over the company from her husband's father back in 1999, and has grown the operation significantly. 

"We started out with four trucks, we had four of our own trucks and four owner operators," said Guite. "And we're now up to 120 trucks."

The company also has a diverse group of drivers, including women. 

"We actually do have female truck drivers and we love the fact that we have female drivers," said Guite. "And we're also very diverse in other ways in our company. Drivers come in all shapes sizes backgrounds and we're happy to embrace all of them."

While navigating a male-dominated industry, Guite said she did face adversity initially. 

"I would call whoever it is to set up a meeting, and when they got there my husband would be in the room," she said. "And they would direct all their discussion points to him, so clearly they were gravitating to what they were most comfortable with. And clearly in trucking there's a lot of males."

You can see Guite's full story tonight on Newsline 9 at 10. 

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