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Wausau farmer reacts to potential ginseng tariff


Trade war talk continued Wednesday between China and the US, with Wisconsin caught in the middle. 

Wisconsin ginseng growers could be caught in the cross hairs of this global trade war

China announced a proposal to put 15 percent duty on Wisconsin ginseng. 

"It's been in history just about hundreds of years," Lyn Heise, a ginseng grower said. "There's a small tariff on it right now, 7.5 percent." 

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Wednesday that these new tariffs amount to a small part of the country's economy, impacting only a fraction of one percent for both economies.  And Heise agrees. 

"I think in the long run it won't have that big of an effect," Heise said. "If it does have a big effect it'll be on the industry as a whole, of course dollar wise it's a good industry but people wise and farmer wise it's basically nothing it's so minute in relation to anything else that you're not talking a lot of people." 

The Wausau farmer said because the crop involves health, people will likely pay for ginseng regardless of a possible tariff increase.

According to the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, a non-profit organization representing all Wisconsin ginseng growers, 98 percent of the crop sent overseas from the US comes from Wisconsin. 

The board said they are very concerned with the possible retaliation from China. 

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