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Geese management plan draws opposition at Shawano public hearing


A plan to euthanize about two hundred Canadian Geese in Shawano continues to draw opposition.

A public hearing Wednesday night attracted a big crowd.

However- the proposal might be on hold as the city's Park and Recreation Commission recommended not to proceed in a vote that followed a two hour long public debate.

The city is in the process of applying for federal permits to have the geese rounded up and killed in June.

That's because the geese are making it hard in some cases to access a public park and a popular boat launch.

The effort to euthanize the geese is a last ditch effort since harassment measures have failed-- including the use of flashing lights and predator decoys.

Right now the city relies on the fire department to clean up after the geese each morning.

"It's not so much the birds that are an issue, but what they're leaving behind. A resident goose leaving behind a pound or two pounds of feces per day and approximately a 100- 130 birds at Smalley Park, 60- 100 birds at Huckleberry Harbor, it adds up," said Matt Hendricks, Shawano Parks and Recreation Director.

While the city says it's received a number of complaints about the geese-- all of the people who spoke out Wednesday night expressed their opposition to the round-up.

"Shawano is my estimation is kind of dying town and to do stupid things like this to alienate hunters for example, to alienate Ducks Unlimited, it's just not a good idea,'" said Jerry Strickland who lives near the area where the geese congregate.

Wendy Paiser of Shawano added, "I think it's a horrible idea to kill them. I mean they're nature, why would they want to kill something so precious as our geese?"

The city council has the final say on this issue.

They will take it up at a meeting on April 11th-- and they don't necessarily have to follow the commission's recommendation.

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