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Women's History Month: Elite Carriers LLC


At a Merrill trucking company, Tammy Guite is in the driver's seat.

In 1999, she took the fast lane from Wausau Insurance to Elite Carriers LLC.

"I think at first it was the idea of getting out of corporate America and doing my own thing," Guite said.

The operation started out of her home, over time the company grew from a four-truck operation to a 120 truck operation.

The girl power - and the diversity - at the company isn't limited to the corner office.

"We actually do have female truck drivers, and we love the fact that we have female drivers," Guite said. "And we're also very diverse in other ways in our company, drivers come in all shapes sizes backgrounds and we're happy to embrace all of them."

When it comes to succeeding in a male-dominated industry, Guite said it's all about integrity and confidence.

"I think that you have to go into your position confident, and be knowledgeable," she said. "And probably the biggest thing is do what you're going to say you're going to do."

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