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'Backyard breeders' dump dogs as soon as they give birth


There is a growing problem in Milwaukee of dogs being dumped at animal control or being picked up as strays after they give birth.

"We had eight females that had been bred at one time come in within a couple days," said Kathy Schillinglaw, Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission outreach coordinator.

They were all pit bulls. Some were new mothers that are still lactating and in need of medical help.

"We assume that they're no longer needed, so they're dumped here, and the puppies have been sold," Schillinglaw said.

She said the problem is irresponsible dog owners, who breed the animals to make a quick buck.

"These backyard breeders are just trying to make money. Our big concern is that they're trying to turn over dogs as quickly as possible," Schillinglaw said.

That's why MADACC steps in when the animals are dumped.

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