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Schofield mobile home park losing its license


Northern Mobile Park located on Grand Avenue in Schofield will be losing its license after reports of unsafe living conditions, according to the city council.

The council unanimously vote to revoke the park's license on Aug. 1, 2018 after a hearing on the matter.

The Schofield city attorney Lee Turnoie told WSAU the lack of response was a breaking point.

"The complete lack of any response or communication to our repeated letters and warnings and inspections, that was huge," said Turnoie. "These were life safety concerns."

Over 100 people will be left looking for a place to live. They will have until Aug. 1.

City officials said there were seven warning letters sent to the mobile home management, which led to three different inspections. Officials also said there were approximately 362 pictures showing the unsafe conditions.

Despite the complaints, residents still cannot fathom the possibility being forced out of their residences.

"It's home," said an emotional Debra Brent, a 15-year resident at the trailer park. 

"Where would we go," Brent questioned. "Because I don't know where we would end up going."

She said her options are limited.

"I've been here for 15 years, OK? And it's a lot cheaper and when you get out there the rent is a lot more expensive," Brent said. "The people can't just afford it all that time to pay that kind of money."

Brent has been working with other residents to fix the issues that were cited by the city.

"I cooperate with the city and get my work done, and I've got a lot done so far," Brent said. " There's a few little odds and ends that are being nitpicked that I don't quite understand."

Another resident at the trailer park was shocked with the notice.

"At this time of year I am surprised because I thought it was pretty much taken care of last year when we went through all that," Robert Thomson said.

Thomson has been living at the trailer park for more than 24 years. He, along with the other residents, do not see how they can move on if their homes are taken.

"I hope they realize that you know a lot of us couldn't afford to move and we call this home," Thomson said.

Newline 9 did try to reach out to the owner of the Mobile Home Living property, who lives in California, but was unsuccessful.

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