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Coyotes raise alarm near UW-Milwaukee


People near University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's south residence halls have captured two coyotes on camera since Saturday.

They've been spotted on both sides of the Milwaukee River near North Avenue.

Coyote sightings are increasingly common in the suburbs, but it's still a surprise in the heart of Milwaukee.

"I kinda did like a double take, and I 'Was like wait a second, that's a coyote sitting over there,'" said UWM student Ryan Anderson who spotted the campus coyote near the Riverview and Cambridge Residence Halls Monday.

"I just took my phone out, started filming it so I could show my friends and just got the video because it was something totally different that you don't usually see in Milwaukee," he said.

There have been a lot of efforts in recent years to restore the Milwaukee River basin to a more natural setting. The coyote sightings may be a sign those efforts may be working.

"I just thought it was totally different, like super crazy, you don't ever see coyotes hanging-out on the side of the street in Milwaukee and I just thought it was an awesome sight to see," Anderson said.

Gene Lutz walks his dogs June and Chance every day in the same area. He said he's never seen a coyote, at least not yet. But, he said he'll be more alert, especially with Chance which only weighs about 20 pounds.

"He's smaller, yeah. I don't know, he'd probably run away," Lutz said.

But Lutz admits it's a danger he'll be watching for.

Both men who shot video of the coyotes over the weekend said the animals did not appear to be aggressive.

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