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Wisconsin student sues school district over ban on his gun T-shirts


A Wisconsin student is suing his school over his gun T-shirt.

The teen said the principal banned him from wearing it, which he says is violating his right to free speech.

"I didn't think it would get this big, this bad," Matthew Schoenecker said.

Matthew is a Markesan High School freshman and has run head-on into the principal, over his shirts depicting guns and other weapons.

"I enjoy shooting, and I enjoy the Second Amendment, like the right to keep and bear arms," Matthew said.

Matthew and his parents were told before spring break that he could no longer come to school wearing a T-shirt portraying guns, bombs or grenades. When he went to school Friday with a gun T-shirt on, he was sent directly to the principal's office.

"It was his choice, whether he wears it or not. He decided 'I'm gonna wear this. It's my right.' When I heard about it, I was a little upset of course, and said we got to get down there and see what's going on," said Matthew's father, Brian Schoenecker.

They found Matthew had been moved to a small office known as the cubicle because he refused to cover his shirt.

"It says LOVE on his shirt. Another one (says), 'Celebrate diversity.' There's nothing in there saying he's promoting violence whatsoever, which is what the principal said was the issue, that he was promoting violence at school," said Matthew's mother, Pam Schoenecker.

The gun rights group, Wisconsin Carry, is funding the federal suit against the principal.

The Markesan School District didn't respond to WISN 12 News' request for a comment.

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