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Unseasonable cold weather affecting local farmers


The lasting cold weather hitting central Wisconsin has come at a surprise for local farmers. 

"We are definitely behind schedule," owner of Pleasant View Dairy Farm James Juedes said. 

Many farmers like him are already out in the fields getting their crops ready for spring planting.

"We take it as it comes, I mean we have had instances in the past where we have had bad weather but never this prolong to the middle of April," Juedes said. "This is almost unheard of as far as my farming background."

The weather is no only taking a toll on his crops, it is also affecting his livestock.

"For beef cattle raisers and myself who look forward to green grass and warmer temperature, specially beef cattle raisers their cattle calving and stuff it really leads to a lot of problems with mud and disease," Juedes said.

The unusual cold weather is forcing cows inside the barn a lot longer than usual during this time of year.

"It really hurts their ability to stay healthy and grow like they need to be," Juedes said.

By not having the cows roam outside, this will come at a much larger and long-term expense. 

"Because the weather they require more energy in order to stay healthy, and they have to be fed a better diet which is more expensive," Juedes said.

According to Juedes, the only thing farmers are able to do now is hope for the best.

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