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Kirk Cousins' trainer coaches local high school athletes


Performance trainer Joe Tofferi has built quite the wellness and fitness empire and has been a saving grace for athletes all over North Central Wisconsin. 

“We are going to build strength and stability and speed and power and endurance and injury prevention in the motions and positions,” Tofferi said. 

Tofferi has been a strength and conditioning specialist for 18 years. He's trained the Detroit Pistons, Tigers and Red Wings, but 200 days in a hotel room didn't quite cut it, so he picked up his life and moved Weston.

“When I got here I started making some calls to all the Athletic Directors," Tofferi said. "The first call I made was to the D.C. Everest. The Athletic Director at the time called me back in like 30 seconds and was like oh my gosh you're exactly what we need.”

That is when Tofferi coined “Train 4 Your Best”, a program that focuses more specific motor recruitment and transformational zones, rather than bench pressing.

“It's just been kind of a whirlwind," Tofferi said. "We do a lot of injury/recovery evaluations on people that are post Physical Therapy.”

His unwavering dedication to coaching local athletes has had a tremendous impact. After working with Tofferi, the D.C. Everest boys hockey team punched its ticket to state for the first time in program history.

“To watch the hockey program develop over the last couple of years and see those kids kind of buy in," Tofferi said. "They are in the weight room all summer long and it starts to pay off.”

The 37-year-old hasn't closed to the door on professional athletes. Tofferi's most notable client—the Minnesota Vikings' new Quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

“Kirk has had different issues with his body that we've really tried to rejuvenate and regrow and make him feel like he's 18 again and I've made him a better mover, I think," Tofferi said. "All the best athletes are good movers.”

Now that Cousins is right next door, Tofferi has the luxury of training him as frequently as possible.

“I'll be able to go there every week and see him and not get on an airplane all the time is pretty awesome," Tofferi said. "So it's a blessing that he got to go to Minnesota, but our goal for him is to keep him and prolong his career.”

Now that he is a Wisconsin resident, his goal is to work with the beloved Green Bay Packers.

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