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Few businesses braved the spring storm Sunday


Many businesses and events closed Sunday due to the record breaking spring snowstorm. But a select few remained open for business. 

"The last thing we want to do is disappoint anybody," Eric Murray, the manager of Little Caesars Pizza in Schofield said. 

Murray said he wasn't going to let the storm stop him or his store from bringing in business.

"Basically we are like the post office," Murray said. "Rain, sleet, snow it does not matter. We are open to serve our community."

He knew with out a doubt that residents would stop in for their love of a traditional dish.

"People still show up no matter what," Murray said."America loves pizza, Wisconsin loves pizza."

Little Caesars Pizza was just one of the few establishments open.

In Weston, Wiggly Field had customers walking in shortly after opening time.

"It's nice that some places still open when you have weather like this and you know it's a good time," said Patrick Hanley of Wausau.

Hanley wanted to pass time by waiting out the storm at a local joint, but wasn't confident many were open.

"I shook the dice on this one and got lucky," Hanley said.

Despite being surprised by the late season storm, he wanted to make the best of it.

"It's actually a little different from what we usually have but still got to get out and have fun you know," Hanley said.

Other customers such as Justin Leick said it's a local joint like Wiggly that they can count on to stay open despite treacherous weather conditions.

"We always support local so I guess we were happy to see Wiggly open," said Justin Leick.

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