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Lingering winter wreaks havoc on Spring sports


Spring sports are taking a rain check—or a snow check-- around North Central Wisconsin until this unusual weather ends.

"I have never seen anything like this," D.C. Everest Athletic Director James Sekel said.

This late season winter storm is wreaking havoc on fields.

"For the athletes, they get one opportunity for the season and you're going to reduce it down to three or four weeks, at best,” Wausau West Athletic Director Patrick Galligan said. “That's got to be incredibly frustrating."

At April 16th, spring athletics were supposed to be three weeks deep into their schedules, instead, the fields still sit empty.

"For baseball and softball, there's no opportunity for them to really let loose and get good swings in,” Sekel said. “We do have batting cages, so they do have that opportunity, but it's still not the same.”

Weather has a mind of its own. Because of that, Wausau West had a back-up schedule in case this kind of weather made its way to the area at this time of year; however, even with that, they still didn't plan for this.

"We've had a practice schedule, an indoor practice schedule, established for many years,” Galligan said. “It starts March 5th and we take it up to April 15th, but now we're kind of in uncharted territories."

Now it's up to the Athletic Directors to find a solution; the top priority is to keep conference seasons as normal as possible.

"The solution we come up with is not going to be perfect, but what we're going to take a look at is trying to make it fair for all the sports and all of the kids," Sekel said.

"We're going to have to get together and try to figure out what is a viable conference schedule because the one we had established at the beginning of the year doesn't make sense for us," Galligan said.

For now, Valley ADs and coaches are either sticking to indoor practices or they are traveling south to play some games, assuming that snow melts faster than ours. The soonest they anticipate a return to the field is May 1st.

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