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2018 Rib Mountain snowmelt contest

Looking from the top of Rib Mountain on May 7th Looking from the top of Rib Mountain on May 7th
Some remaining snow piles on May 24th Some remaining snow piles on May 24th
Remaining snow on June 3rd Remaining snow on June 3rd
Remaining snow on June 7th (morning) Remaining snow on June 7th (morning)

***Final Update June 15th

On Friday morning June 15th during Wake-Up Wisconsin we held the drawing for the top 5 prize winners in the snowmelt contest. Here are the winners who were smart enough to predict June 8th as the final snowmelt AND were lucky enough to be drawn in the top 5.

1st Prize: Barb Cook. $250 R-store gift card plus 52 car wash coupons

2nd Prize: Sara Spiegel. $150 R-store gift card

3rd Prize: Peggy Kraklow. $100 R-store gift card

4th Prize: Stacy Schnabel. $50 R-store gift card

5th Prize: Dylan Incha. $25 R-store gift card

All of the other winners will receive a consolation prize of an R-store car wash coupon. Prize will be mailed out the week of June 18th-22nd


***Update June 12th


Here is the current partial list of winners

  • Gary Zurakowski

  • Brenda Scheel

  • Wade Wittenberg

  • Nicole Fox

  • Diane King

  • Ann Vanderkooy

  • Fred Hildebrand

  • Gary Lepak

  • Bob Schroeter

  • Gerald Swope

  • Mary Splitt

  • Craig Shaw

  • Brenda Dickson

  • Lori Bychinski

  • Jeanette Diestler

  • Tom Rosenthal

  • Peggy Kraklow

  • Nicole Birkholz

  • Lena G Blohm

  • Jennifer Lemmer

  • Stacy Schnabel

  • Steve Schleif

  • Lance Romanowski

  • Christine O'Connor

  • Debbie Ehlke

  • Lonnie Sankey

  • Sara Spiegel

  • Barb Cook

  • Dylan Incha

***Update June 11th***

The 2018 Rib Mountain Snowmelt Contest has officially ended. The last bit of snow melted on Friday, June 8th. Of 2,400 people that entered the contest, only 30 people correctly predicted the winning date. The grand prize drawings will happen later this week on Wake Up Wisconsin. IF YOU ENTERED ONLINE PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR AN EMAIL SAYING YOU  CORRECTLY GUESSED THE WINNING DATE. 

Winners who mailed in their prediction are:

Fred Hildebrand

Ann VanderKooy

Diane King

*** Update June 7th***

Even though I have been doing this for many years, I am always surprised at how long the snow lasts. I was almost certain the snow would have melted over the last couple of days, yet this morning (see the latest picture) there is still a small chunk of snow in between the rocks in a remote corner of the mountain. It seems unlikely it will last through today, but I can't guarantee today will be the winning date. Check back for another update tomorrow.

*** Update June 5th***

While scouring the Rib Mountain yesterday, I (Justin) happened to find one other pile of snow (see the latest picture), so the contest continues into today. Will today be the winning date? I suspect so, but I won't know for sure until I take another hike.

*** Update June 4th***

The new picture of the snow is from Sunday June 3rd. Believe it or not, the snow is almost gone! The record heat at the end of May really did a number on the remaining snow. In addition, the biggest snow pile left over from the ski season was in a different spot this year, more out in the sun instead of in the shade. Therefore, it is going to be a surprising early end to the snowmelt contest this year. It could happen today (Monday). It will certainly happen this week. All that is left to do is scour the hill and make sure there are no odd piles of snow in other locations.

***Update May 25th***

The new picture of the snow is from May 24th. You will notice a very large pile of snow in the background. This is one of the piles I will be watching over the next couple of weeks as it slowly melts. It will be melting faster than normal because of the warmer than normal weather. At one point, it seemed quite likely that the snow would last into July this year, but with the near record warm May, it is looking more likely that the snow will melt in June.


Spring skiing continued into early May on Granite Peak. That means a lot of people predicted some dates in the snowmelt contest that were a lot later than normal.

Will it be a record late melt this year? The latest ever was July 7th, back in 2014. The entry period is over, and now you can check back here throughout May and June (maybe July?) to see how fast the snow is melting with updated pictures.

Here are the prizes up for grabs. Good luck to everyone who entered.

* 1st place: $250 R-store gift card plus 52 basic car wash coupons.

* 2nd place: $150 R-store gift card

* 3rd place: $100 R-store gift card

* 4th place: $50 R-store gift card

* 5th place: $25 R-store gift card

All other people who pick the correct date but are not drawn in the top 5 will receive a basic car wash coupon from the R-stores.

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