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Local doctors expect another harsh allergy season


With the leaves budding on trees, and grass becoming greener, some people might be feeling under the weather.

About 50 million Americans are living with allergies, and experts said this season could be difficult. Local doctors said they're already seeing many patients come in for their allergies.

"For the last couple years, though, they have been fairly bad allergy season for most people," said Dr. Larry Gordon.

Gordon said the symptoms can include congestion, sore throat, or watery eyes, and advised people to keep their windows shut so the pollen doesn't get in.

"I know when it gets hot it's hard to keep the windows closed, but just turn on the air conditioner," he said. "Just make sure your air filter is clean."

If the outside of your home is covered in pollen, you should hose it off. Pollen will dig deep into your carpet if it gets inside.

Pets should also be washed off if they've been inside because the pollen gets into their fur.

For those who have to work outdoors, Dr. Gordon recommends wearing a mask so you're not having troubles breathing.

He said over the counter medication does help ease the symptoms. However, if it get's worse, you should contact your doctor for other tips.

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