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Retired Wausau doctor returns from volunteering in Gaza, Palestine


Mark Asplund has been a vascular surgeon for 28 years and just as he was about to enjoy his retired life he went to use those skills in Palestine, a country riddled by violence.

"We have no idea how good we have it," Asplund said.

Those were the many thoughts that came to his mind when comparing the devastating situation in Gaza to life in America.

"Basically 2 million people are living in a maximum open air prison," Asplund said.

After the violence between the Israelis and Palestinians erupted this spring again, Asplund knew he needed to do something. 

"It's a war crime for soldiers to be sitting up in a wall and be shooting at civilians," Asplund said.

During his time in Gaza, he wanted others to be aware of what is going on in the world.

"It's a complicated place," he said.

Gaza residents are living in one of the many hostile situations in the world and Asplund said there is only one thing they need. 

"They have most of their basic necessities food and water but they sure don't have one of what Americans consider is freedom," Asplund said.

Most of what he dealt with were gun shot wounds marking an average of 50 patients a day.

"One of the patients had a high leg injury and they got it all fixed and he was doing OK," Asplund said. "A week later it got infected so we had to come back and do a devastation amputation. 

The retired doctor said the people living in Gaza are feeling anything other than hopeful.

"They are all waiting to die," he said.

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