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Waupaca support group introduces narcan training


Family Connections, a support group based in Waupaca, brought in an expert to train drug users and their loved ones how to administer narcan. Narcan is a life-saving antidote for opioid overdoses. 

"We feel it's just as important as CPR training and everything else," said Karen Huettl, one of the organizers. 

As the state delves further into the drug epidemic, support group facilitators hope teaching others how to use narcan will at least begin to curb the deaths that result from drug abuse. 

Attendees received official training and were sent home with a narcan kit of their own.

"We want to be the first line of defense," said Ann White, a group administrator. "We want to be the ones where if our loved one should happen to overdose, we can act immediately while we wait for the paramedics to come. And those minutes can be life-saving."

Narcan works by cutting off receptors in the brain that feel the effects of opioids. For every nasal dose given, victims are protected from overdosing for about 30 minutes. 

Family Connections will hold more training sessions over the course of the summer. More information can be found on their Facebook page

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