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Marathon Co. woman honors late grand daughter with a garden


Gracie Weis was just shy of her sixth birthday when all of a sudden she suffered a fatal seizure at a church party.

"She was just someone so special," said Nancy Weis Gracie's grandmother.

Although she never got to say goodbye, Nancy found closure after finding a message written by Gracie months before she passed away in 2013.

On a picture Gracie drew it said said "I will always be your angel in heaven."

Nancy knew Gracie was a gift even before she was born.

"When she was conceived I said she has to be a special child and when she passed so early in her life I knew she was put here for a reason, Nancy said."

Nancy was inspired to honor Gracie in a unique way with the creation of 'Gracie's Garden'.

"I can see that sport from my bedroom window," Nancy said. "I laid out 989 walking blocks and just started adding things like a little bicycle she used to ride and a buggy when she was little and from there it just snow balled."

Nancy said the garden is filled with everything Gracie would have loved.

"She was a pink girl, she was a little pink girl and I got a lot of pink things out there," Nancy said.

For Nancy it is a space where she can feel closure to Gracie.

"It's just a little bit of heaven where I can't be with her," Nancy said.

She said 'Gracie's Garden is a remembrance to all those that were far too young to loose their lives.

"All the children being murdered and stuff I go out there and I pray for them and their parents," Nancy said. "It is almost like a child ground, a sacred ground for little children."

Nancy and her husband buy books every year according to which grade Gracie would be and donates them to her school. 

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