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Officer after Sterling Brown arrest: 'We're trying to protect ourselves'


After Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown was taken to the ground and shocked with an officer's stun gun, one officer stepped on the professional basketball player's ankle, another relished in the overtime he could accrue, and several seemed to realize that the incident could be a public relations black eye for the department, additional body cam and squad car videos obtained by WISN, our sister station.

Two sergeants and an officer received temporary suspensions for their role in the encounter with Brown outside a Walgreen's store at South 26th Street and West National Avenue in the early morning hours of January 26 after Brown parked across two disability parking spaces.

Newly obtained photos show the injuries on Brown's face and the marks on his back that were left by the Taser. Video shows how officers continued to surround Brown after he was on the ground handcuffed.

"You're stepping on my ankle, for what?" Brown is heard saying.

"So you don't kick us," an officer responds.

"I ain't got no reason to kick y'all, man," Brown replied.

It's then when officers appeared to realized who Brown was. Asked if he played for the Bucks, Brown responded: "What you think? I look familiar, don't I?"

Later, after Brown was loaded into an ambulance, video shows one officer calling a shift commander on the phone to request approval for overtime.

"Can you let the lieut know I need to go on the overtime board if I'm not already?" he said. After a pause, he seemed pleased with the payout and sang "money money" in the tune of the hit song from The O'Jays.

"We're trying to protect ourselves"

At one point, an officer converses with two others who were seated in a squad car. Their conversation expresses concern about how the arrest will later be viewed.

"The bureau is coming out for this? ... We're trying to protect ourselves .. because he plays for the Bucks, and if he makes a complaint, it's going to be a [expletive]. ... And then any little [expletive] thing that goes wrong is going to be, 'Ooh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist.... blah, blah, blah. "

Brown was not charged in connection with the incident. He has said he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the city.

Click here to watch the videos stemming from the incident.

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