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Northwoods school sees baby boom among staff


A Northwoods school district experiences a "Hodag" baby boom.

The Rhinelander School District noticed a substantial increase in the number of babies among staff and their spouses. Last year-- they had more than usual-- with nearly a dozen births. But this year-- they're up to 18.

Staff said the reason is because veteran teachers --baby boomers themselves-- are retiring.

"As we bring onboard the younger teachers that are in the position of marrying and starting families, it's just really exciting to be able to be a part of that," Rhinelander Schools Superintendent Kelli Jacobi said.

"To come to work and you have your colleagues who are, in my case, also your friends and they're going through some of these same things with you. You know, huge life events. It's just, it's fun," Rhinelander teacher Amber Laggis said.

The superintendent says they are expecting another four or five babies to be born this summer.

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