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Central Wisconsin music instructors report strong student numbers


News 9 has talked to central Wisconsin musicians, music store owners and now local music instructors in an effort to determine state of the local music scene.

Those teachers say they're still seeing many students, young and old, come through their doors to become better performers.

Wausau Conservatory of Music instructors report that they have full schedules for studio lessons. Other area instructors are in the same situation.

"The week's pretty solid. Fridays are even pretty decent," said Dan Flees, who runs danfguitar.com Lessons in Schofield. "We don't do weekends at the moment. We usually, generally have about 70 students come through a week, almost completely just guitar. A couple ukelele, a few bass, but almost strictly just 90% guitar students."

Besides lessons, many students still have numerous opportunities to perform and learn in school. One instructor says he's noticed a number of devoted and talented players emerging from local high schools.

"There's a lot of great kids coming out of Wausau West. There's a lot of great kids coming out of D.C. Everest," said Patrick Phalen, a Wausau Conservatory of Music trumpet instructor. "Very very good players. And other schools as well. There's a lot of young players up and coming."

Instructors agree their jobs are rewarding.

"You know, every kid is different," said Erik Juvonen, who teaches drums at Holly Anne Music in Wausau. "Every kid will learn by drawing a picture out for them or maybe you have to get on the drum set and show them the beat you want them to play. So it's a cool experience."

"It's very rewarding when you have someone come to you who truly wants to learn, who wants to get better" said John Greiner, who teaches saxophone at the Wausau Conservatory of Music.

Ann Applegate, who teaches piano at the conservatory, said the best part of the job is seeing the growth that students go through.

"And you know, I get to be a facilitator of that and I guess that is a pretty big kick," said Applegate. "I guess that is one of the big joys of it all."

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