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2nd avenue block party to celebrate west side developments.


The east side of Wausau featuring the 400 block has been the center of the city for quite some time.

However, just across the river the west side has seen new developments in the past few years on second avenue that is bringing in more traffic. 

"There is lots of destination shopping here so it's a wonderful opportunity for the community to come down and rediscover the west side," said Blake Opal-Wahoske the Executive Director of the River District.

The developments proposed back in 2013 included fixing up the streets and renovating vacant buildings.

The River District celebrated these developments Saturday afternoon with a block part for the community.

"I think the east side and west side compliment each other and have different business mixes," Wahoske said.

Wahoske said he has seen the west side blossom tremendously over the last few years.

"Numerous different events that have sprout over the last few years, and have really taken ownership of the west side and have made it their own," he said.

Developments to make the west side as popular as the east side aren't finished just yet.

 "We hope to see new businesses coming around and hopefully in the near future some renovations of old buildings," Wahoske said.

Local business owners of the west side couldn't be more thrilled with second avenue being revamped.

"It helps draw new crowd down here for us buisneses." said Maggie Christians the owner of Navieve Fromagerie located on second avenue.

Christians said she noticed a difference in business ever since second avenue's street scraping project.

"We noticed people are coming over in this direction more so we have noticed new costumers as well and more people walking around," Christians said.

However Christian believes more could be done by making it more walk ability this way it can encourage more people to visit the west side.

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