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Wausau bar takes stand on parking problems


A downtown Wausau business is taking a stand against parking problems around the 400 block.

Malarkey's Pub put a parking meter with a sign outside its bar offering people half off of a drink if they get a parking ticket.

"There's been a lot of debate about parking for years and years in downtown Wausau," said Tyler Vogt, co-owner of Malarkey's Pub.

Everywhere you turn in the downtown Wausau area the parking rules are different. Some spots are 15 minutes while others are one hour or two hours. The inconsistencies can lead to confusion and parking tickets.

"We're just trying to make light of a situation and keep the conversation going to help change things for the better for everyone down here," said Vogt.

The bar also has stamps and envelops inside, offering on the sign to mail out the paid fine.

"Give people the opportunity to save a little money if they do get a ticket and feel better about it until we figure out some sort of coherent policy that's easy to follow, easy to market and easy to change minds that there's plenty of parking in downtown Wausau," said Vogt.

Many of the people News 9 spoke to who frequent the 400 block say it can be hard to find spots.

"I'd like to see if improve a bit, better parking, maybe more parking spots," said Weston resident Jay Lee. "In some spots I'd like it to be a little bit longer."

Wausau Mayor Robert Mielke said the city has been working on a solution for several weeks.

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