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New rules released regarding CBD oil sales


A day after a Racine County District Attorney sends a warning to retailers selling gummy bears with cannabis-derived oil, News 9 continued the push for answers going all the way to the top.

The Wisconsin Attorney General sending out the new rules Thursday that now make it legal for retailers to sell the product under certain conditions.

This comes a day after News 9 discovered that a retailer in central Wisconsin was selling the product that local law enforcement said was illegal.

Even though stores only sell the candy to adults, there are plenty of people worried about kids getting a hold of them.

 "There's a lot of organ development brain development going on still, we shouldn't be using anything in kids that risk that," said Dr. Larry Gordon with Aspirus.

Thursday morning, News 9 reached out to the district attorney, they sent a statement that said selling CBD oil with or without THC was illegal.

The clerk at the store selling the candies told News 9 they were told they were legal to sell.  We then reached out to the Marathon County Sheriff's Department.

"They were legal," said Lt. Randy Alberts with the Marathon County Sheriff's Department. "A concentration of .3 percent or less of THC is a permissible level to have in CBD oil or gel capsule candy."

With the conflicting information, we reached back out to the district attorney along with the Wisconsin Attorney General. The attorney general released a statement calling the matter confusing saying that Wisconsin has conflicting statutes. They said until the Wisconsin legislature chooses to act to clean up the problem stores are now free to sell the product under certain conditions.

Doctors say parents need to be careful kids don't think these are candy.

"They're gonna take a whole handful because to them it's candy," said Gordon.

As far as those selling the gummies, one store owner told us the gummies help a lot of people.

 We'll keep you posted on any moves to straighten out the conflicting laws.

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