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Badger State Games bring hundreds of softball players to Wausau


Lou Marth was an instrumental member in developing softball programs in the Wausau area. Sunday, in honor of Marth, the tenth annual Junebug softball tournament is named after him. Many still remember the impact Marth made in the community. 

"He was a good gentleman, kind of strict once and a while, I guess, but he loved the game I guess as well as everyone else."

Because of Marth's efforts, several youth softball tournaments are held in Wausau, including this afternoons Junebug classic, which for many young athletes, is there first opportunity to be part of a team. 

"We need to work together as a team and keep our heads up if something, mistakes and everybody's got each other's backs and we always, we got our pitcher out there, everyone's cheering her on, there's always positivity."

Another big plus to the tournament is the fact that it's on Father's Day.

"The last couple years we had it on Father's day weekend. Kids come out, and fathers, and mothers too, get to cheer them on. Hope for them to win, doesn't always happen, but most of them do win, they're all happy."

And while scoring runs, making friends, and winning championships are fun, it's always a lot more enjoyable when the memories are made with dad.

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