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Marshfield city officials and residents speaking out on road construction delay


The stretch of County Highway 97 between Arnold and Harrison Streets in Marshfield is in need of repairs.

"They won't even travel it because it's so bad, so they'll go around, and we don't want that to happen to our citizens," Mayor Bob McManus said.

“We have a great police department, but with some people going down there, they can't tell if someone has had too much to drink or if they're swerving around the potholes."

The repair project, which would include replacing the asphalt and repairing the gutters and storm sewers, was slated to take place this year, but with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation opening the project for bids just last month, repairs have been postponed until 2019.

“We only had one bidder, and they were incredibly higher than anticipated," Project Development Chief Matt Bronson said.

“We really want to be real cost effective, and we want to make sure we have the most cost effective project. We are going to send it back out for bids, and do a new bid opening in December of this year for construction in 2019."

City officials are now firing back by saying WIDOT should have opened the project for bids sooner and that Marshfield roads should be the state's priority.

“Why did you wait until May because in this line of work, of course, most businesses have their crews up for the entire year,” McManus said. “We here in Marshfield, our taxpayers, we're important, too. Our roads are just as important as the rest of the state, so I'm hoping that they'll hear that message."

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will open the project back open for bids in December.

“We're hoping that opening bids in December allows us to have more flexibility for the contractors and potentially get more bids to be more cost effective and competitive,” Bronson said.

Construction for the road will begin in 2019.

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