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Maryland shooting is a reminder of work place safety in central Wisconsin


Central Wisconsin will never forget the March 22nd shooting rampage in 2017, where four workers were killed. 

Scenes like this have prompted many businesses to find ways to keep intruders out. 

"I hope we don't experience anything as tragic as that any time ever," said Nicole Chickering the owner of Nicole's Boutique. 

Nicole's Boutique sits in the heart of downtown Wausau, for her keeping her employees safe has been a top priority from day one.

"It was a great investment when we opened and bought the building that we had the building wired from all angles and that we had a full alarm system in our shop," Chickering said. 

Chickering said she feels ready, but even the best security doesn't always stop a determined gunman. 

News 9 spoke to a Wausau attorney who says the survivor in a workplace shooting can face years of recovery. 

"You are going to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, you are going to deal with people with fear and anxiety and sometimes even difficulty getting back to the workplace where they came from," said Robert Gray the President of Gray Law Firm. 

For employers, another crucial issue is taking threats to their business or workers very seriously.

"If they were credible threats previous to this it seems as if in Baltimore there were, reasonable protection would have to be put in place for the employees," Gray said. 

As for Nicole, she said she is not taking any chances. 

"We do have a panic button for fast emergency situations which would have the authorities on site very quickly," Chickering said, 

With so many active shooters happening, police departments are training regularly on how to get to the scene quickly.

Police in Maryland were able to get to the shooting scene in less than one minute.

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