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Cab driver helps police catch wanted Marathon Co. sex offender


A sex offender that was wanted for nearly a week after cutting his GPS monitored ankle bracelet was found with the help of a taxi driver. 

Authorities said Floyd Romatowski, 60, was ordered to wear the bracelet for life after sexually assaulting a 15-year-old back in 1996. 

Police reported Romatowski missing on June 23. 

Romatowski called for a cab, six days later, at the Walgreens on Bridge Street in Wausau.  He told the cab driver he wanted to go to Shopko in Rothschild. 

The driver told News 9 he recognized his passenger but didn't know where from. After Romatowski failed to pay his cab fare, the driver reported it to the Northwoods Cab dispatcher. 

"And another driver that was standing next to me said, 'I know who that is, he's all over the news, he's been on the front page of the paper,' and then my driver just immediately called the police," Courtney Pockt, the cab dispatcher said. 

Romatowski walked away but gave the cab company his name, and that's when the taxi driver called police. 

Rothschild Police Department said within minutes, Romatowski was taken into custody without any problems. 

"We can't do it all, we only have so many cops out on the street," Brad Johnson, Detective Sargent from Rothschild Police Department said. "We do need the public's help.  If they call they are not only helping themselves out they're helping out the community as well." 

Northwoods Cab owner, Aaron Schloemer, said cab drivers keep their eyes out for wanted people, like Romatowski. "If we pay attention to people like if they're wanted we're definitely going to keep our eye out for them cause I think it's human nature and it's our responsibility to stay on top of that type of thing," he said. 

Romatowski is back in jail on a $5,000 cash bond and faces charges of tampering with a GPS tracking device, criminal damage to property and fraud on a taxicab. 

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