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Top 10 list of hot dog toppings revealed

SOURCE:  JJ’s Red Hots SOURCE: JJ’s Red Hots

In honor of Independence Day, a Charlotte-based hot dog titan is breaking out another installment of its list of top hot dog condiments.

JJ's Red Hots turns six today, making it just slightly younger than the 242-year-old U.S. Since its inception in 2012, however, the brand has received national awards, appeared on Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,' and featured over 350 toppings during their first million hot dogs sold -- a feat they reached just days ago.

Using their sales data, JJ's has unveiled its fifth annual study of the leading toppings preferred on their version of the American classic -- and one particular entrant has been dominant over the course of the yearly analysis.

Here's their list below:

1.    Mustard – most popular for five years running.

2.    Chili – the Avis (we’re number 2, so we try harder …) of Hot Dog toppings

3.    Relish – up from 5th last year

4.    Sauerkraut– up two spots from 2017 and always steady

5.    Onions– down one; breath mint, anyone?

6.    Cheese– still popular with paired with mustard and chili but a little weaker when alone

7.    Bacon– number seven with a bullet, up two spots

8.    Tomatoes– new entry, even besting its offspring ketchup

9.    Salsa– new entry, one that makes you go Hmmm

10.  Ketchup– the personal pariah of both Dirty Harryand JJ’s founder and proprietor Jonathan Luther

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