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Drum Corps International competition returns to D.C. Everest


Seven groups from across the country cranked-up the volume to "Eleven" Thursday evening. Organizers said they couldn't have asked for a nicer day for the event.

"We often travel to a different state every day," said Avery Gurney of the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps. "It's a very fun, very fast-paced lifestyle for this short time that we have."

"Audiences who come to a drum corps show can expect to be, first and foremost, entertained," said David Lofy, an assistant director for the Madison Scouts. "Each group that you're going to see has a vastly different style. Some of that's tied to tradition, some of it's tied to being innovative, but at the end of the night each group is going to entertain in their own specific way."

Those in attendance gave standing ovations on multiple occurrences throughout the night.

"Oh, it's awesome. It's nice to see corps, and looking at the lineup, they've got some really good corps this year," said Marty Bever, an attendee and former Wausau bugle and drum corps member. "Back in my day it was just an unbelievable amount of work and I look at the kids doing it nowadays. It's... I can't imagine. The hours they put into it."

Those involved with the productions said a great deal of work and preparation goes into the final product.

"We've got these 160 students in each group who are literally traveling the summer on buses, sleeping on gym floors," said Lofy. "They're paying money to do this, they're not paid professionals."

"We eat four times a day normally, at breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack," said Gurney. "We're moving so much, we need the nutrition. There's just so many people behind the scenes behind the scenes who take care of things that help the members be successful on the field."

In the end, those involved agreed their end goal to entertain has been successful.

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