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Portage Co. getting stricter with move over law


This weekend Portage County will be cracking down drivers who don't obey the 'Move Over' law.

Drivers know they have to pull over when they see a ambulance or a fire truck passing by on the road, but emergency vehicles along the side of busy highways is where the problem comes in. 

Back in 2013 dash cam video surfaced of a Wisconsin State Patrol officer almost getting hit by a 18 wheeler after the officer pulled someone over on the right lane.

"It raises the hairs on the back of your neck and you start to think about your family," Trooper Lance Loonsfoot said.

Many drivers aren't aware that for the past eight years Wisconsin has made it a law for drivers to move over to the left lane when a emergency vehicle has pulled someone over on the right lane. 

The law isn't just for emergency vehicles but for anyone who works on the highway.

"If you can get people to move over and give those workers the space that they need then it will save lots of lives and that's why the law is in tact," Loonsfoot said.

On Friday, News 9 went out with Trooper Loonsfoot to see just how many drivers don't obey the law.

Within 10 minutes that we stopped for the traffic violation up to 40 cars out of hundreds were the only ones to either slow down or move over to the left lane.

Portage County will be handing out tickets all weekend with a hefty fine of $263 and three points on your license. 

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