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New chemical storage bins to help curb meth-cleanup costs


Busting one meth lab can cost $3,000, according to Attorney General Brad Schimel.

In efforts to bring that number down, six methamphetamine chemical storage containers were placed across Wisconsin, including one unveiled in Wausau Wednesday. 

The containers should save hundreds of hours of work, and thousands of dollars.

"We used to just take everything out and let it sit on scene until a hazardous waste contractor could come out," said Special Agent Alan Hunsader. "And the closest that would be would be Chicago."

Meth materials have to be handled with great care, because mishandling could result in the release of toxic vapors or, in some cases, a dangerous explosion.

With the implementation of the container program, officers can place the hazardous materials safely inside, instead of having to spend hours waiting for specialized contractors to dispose of them.

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