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Teen endures extreme bullying in Wausau School District


A group of girls at the John Muir Middle School tried their best to make sure 14-year-old Olivia Heuser's last year of middle school was a nightmare.

"They called me fat in the beginning of the year so I stopped eating for a while," Heuser said. "I went from a size large to an extra small."

Name calling was the least of Olivia's worries.

She said the girls would taunt her in the hallway, send mean messages through social media and even get violent.

"She started throwing pens and I started throwing pens at her and she came to the table to talk to me then reached across to slap me," Heuser said.

The violent attacks weren't enough for Heuser's bullies, the girls wrote on the bathroom wall full of insults directed towards her.

The consequences the bullies faced weren't enough Heuser said.

"They just got suspended and that is basically vacation days for them," she said.

Heuser said the girls are well aware on what steps to take so their actions aren't classified as bullying.

"It's a whole group of people and they are smart because if it's one girl over and over that is bullying and they would get in trouble," Heuser said. "But it's a different girl every time and they space it."

Even though Heuser's experiences were tough, she said she would rather take the punches rather than let someone else do it.

"I'm willing to take it so they don't have to do it to another kid who is weaker than me so they end up doing something bad to themselves," she said.

When the Wausau superintendent first took office earlier this summer he told News 9 he wanted to tackle bullying. However, on Wednesday school leaders refused to speak about the issue until after a board meeting next week.

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