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Baby Steps: Oh Baby, Now You're A New Mom


by Pam Warnke

WESTON (WAOW)-- A program at St. Clare's Hospital is helping women transition to motherhood.

It's a program bringing them together to share their fears, concerns and joys.

The group is called "Oh Baby, Now You're A New Mom."

It started with only one Mom.  Now, more than a dozen meet together each week.

Group member Katrina Goodwill says, "My husband calls it a support group. I'm like honey, it's not a support group!"

On Tuesday mornings every week the Moms come to share.

The group gives them a chance to talk among others dealing with similar struggles.

Group leader, and Registered Nurse Jenny Statz, of St. Clare's Hospital says, "When they're up all night with a crying baby and they're thinking, what am I doing wrong? And then they come to the group and they find out everybody else has been up all night with a crying baby.  Just to go and to share what you're experiencing and what works for you and what doesn't work for you and then hear ideas.  Because you can read and read and read and not get as many ideas as moms that are actually going through the same thing."

There are issues with getting baby to sleep, getting your own sleep and getting back to work. All of them are obstacles new moms face in the weeks and months after childbirth.  And that doesn't even address getting baby to eat, but that's another huge obstacle for Moms--one this group also helps with.

Statz says,"One of the important things is the Moms can get their babies weighed, which is because one of the biggest things with nursing their babies is making sure their baby is getting enough."

While group support helps these mothers deal with so much, it's most importantly a time to improve their psyche.

Many women have what are called the post-pardum blues and there's a certain loneliness that comes with being cooped up with baby at home.

"A lot of the Moms say that Tuesday is their favorite day so they can get out.  You know, they get so many neat baby clothes. They're like okay, 'Let's dress them up so they can go somewhere,'" says Statz.

Check with your local hospital for a similar support group in your area.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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