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2006 U.S. Senate Race Candidates

WISCONSIN -- Both candidates want to make changes in health coverage if they're elected. The incumbent... Democrat Herb Kohl is focusing on prescriptions. He wants to encourage the use of generic prescriptions. Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wisconsin says, "Generic drugs are a half of or a third of what people have to pay for the expensive branded drugs and generic drugs are medically and scientifically exactly the same as far as the benefits they provide." The republican challenger... Robert Lorge... is focusing on health care and how to provide better health care to all Americans. Robert Lorge, R-US Senate Candidate, says, "Rather than socialize medicine where you send all of your money to Washington and they dictate health care, the Lorge Plan does the reverse. They send you the money back, you pick your doctors, your clinics, and insurance company because you have what they want, the money." Lorge says his plan will make health care more competitive. He says.. that way it'll be cheaper and a better quality.
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