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Mid Tech Offers Education And New Careers To Domtar Employees

WISCONSIN RAPIDS -- Some of Domtar's 500 employees will be relocated to another mill or given a financial package. But, with the paper making industry as shaky as it is, many of these employees are going to be forced to find a whole new career. Starting a new career can be very overwhelming. But luckily for the 500 employees at Domtar, the community is ready to help them start over. "These are very capable very talented very loyal employees and we want them to get back on track with the kind of skills that occupation and preperation that they need so they can add the value they have been all the way up to this point in the community," says John Clark, Mid State Technical College President. Mid State is one of the partners on the "Rapid Response" team. This is a group of community organizations that work together to help displaced workers find new careers. "The students that come out of this class come out with heightened awareness of their skills and their interests and their aptitudes and their abilities and it gives them a solid foundation," says Kate Kaz, Mid Tech's Career Services and Campus Support Manager. Howard Marg worked at Store Enzo for 17 years before deciding to begin an entirely new career. He is now studying Civil Engineering Technology at Mid Tech. "The last day when I walked out I was never more scared in my whole life and now today I realize that I shouldn't have been so scared of my future. It's wide open. There are so many things that a person can do," says Howard Marg. When one door shuts, another one opens. This is a chance for these employees to try something they've always wanted to. "This is an opportunity to change their careers completely. Something quite different, something they've been wanting to do but just couldn't for whatever the reason and this provides the opportunity to take that bold step to get into careers and occupations that they normally wouldn't have done otherwise," says Clark. They say the best thing for these displaced workers is to attend any meeting offered by the company. This can give you all the information you need to get things started.
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