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Domtar Closing Port Edwards Mill

PORT EDWARDS -- 80-year old Marshall Buehler.. born and raised in Port Edwards.. reflects back at his 38-years at the paper mill. But now.. he and other community members hear the difficult news.. the paper mill that produces about 165 thousand tons.. is shutting down. "Take the paper mill out and this community has lost their economic backing." The manager at the paper mill says the news is due to the current market. Manager Craig Timm says, "It's a matter of declining markets for the products we make and profitability of the Port Edwards facility." And it's this facility that's been an economic seed in the village made up of almost 2 thousand people. A village that some worry could fade away as Domtar shuts its doors. Timm says, "We work very closely with this community, our employees live in this community and surrounding communities." And it's those people who bring in the money to the village and surrounding areas. One area Marshall is worried about.. is losing their independent school district. Buehler says, "People will be leaving town, children will leave the school, certainly no knew ones will be coming in." But he's optimistic and waits with hope his hometown won't disappear... Buehler says, "Unless they find an angel out there using the expression of an angel that will buy out the mill perhaps, I keep hoping for that."
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