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This Weeks Class Of The Week

It's that special time of the week, when we recognize local student's for going above and beyond. This week's winner is Phillips Elementary School. The entire school is being recognized for their efforts to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. The students took part in the first ever, "Pennies for Patients" which is a nationwide program put on to raise awareness about the diseases. The students had what you could call a "penny war" between the grades each day for a few weeks the kids could put pennies and coins in jars in the morning and during their lunches. The 5th graders won the war and the school which only has 343 kids raised close to 2 thousand dollars. As an added bonus, the 5th graders were awarded a pizza party and got to duct tape the principal to the lunchroom wall yesterday. Another great example of students coming together to raise money for a beneficial cause. Ever Friday at 6:30am we announce our class of the week winner. Email us your nomination to
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