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This Weeks Class Of The Week

WAKE UP WISCONSIN -- This week's winners are the fourth graders from Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Briggs, and Mrs. Jungenberg-Klumbs classes at Adams-Friendship Elementary school. Last week, the students traveled to Nancy Livingston's Full Cycle Tree Farm in Big Flats. Back in 2005 the farm suffered major losses, after the Cottonville fire since then the 4th grade classes have traveled to the tree farm to help re-plant trees. It is estimated that since the fire, the 4th graders at Adams-Friendship Elementary School have planted close to 1-thousand trees on the farm. Last week, when they went to plant 200 trees that were donated by Griffith State Nursery & Laura's Lanes Nursery in Plainfield the weather was not cooperating so the students were each given a tree to take home and plant. But, the majority of students still donated their trees to Cottonville Fire Survivors. The students also constructed a bench for Nancy, and signed their names on it so that anyone who visited the area could sit and watch the forest come back to life. Senator Julie Lassa was even on hand, and commended the students for their efforts to help restore the forest. This is an example of students experiencing the devastation and seeing the difference they make firsthand. Next Friday at 6:30 we will highlight another class.. be sure to email us your nomimation at
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