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Domtar employees gather for a final goodbye

by Colby Robertson

NEKOOSA (WAOW) -- Friday, after 150 years Domtar's Port Edwards Mill closed it's doors for the last time. Saturday those employees gathered in Nekoosa to reminise and say farewell.

That's because many of these employees will never see each other again. Some are re-locating, others are staying in town, but either way, after years of working together, saying goodbye isn't easy.

"When you're at work everyone just gave a quick hug and see you later and this is a chance for them to sit down and reminice about the last however many years they've been there.. to talk to each other and say goodbye," says Ann Schlotman, a Domtar employee for 14 years.   

Goodbye to all the employees who are forced to find a new job.

"There's going to be a lot of people that aren't going to be around anymore that you're not going to see," says Schlotman.  

And after spending over a decade with these people, that goodbye is tough.

"Everyone was so close. We worked together. You work together soo many hours a day and you're just so close to everyone. You know each other's kids and everything about eachother's families," says Leann Schoenick, a Domtar employee for 14 years.   

That's why this goodbye brought out so many different emotions.

Dawn Carlson says, "Every emotion that's written in the dictionary.. you can pull them all out and they'll be felt here. Anger, some people are angry and bitter, but there's also happy and relief."

Relief that now they can move forward and start the next chapter in their life.

Dawn Carlson says, "It was always the monkey on everyone's back and now that it's finally over, everyone can just say woo it's done now we can move on with our lives and it's nice to have that closure."

The employees I spoke with also just wanted to thank the community for all of their help and support during this tough time.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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