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About Walkabout Orthotics & Prosthetics

Walkabout Orthotics & Prosthetics was formed by three practitioners:  Darrell Cook, Bill Kara and Glenn Barclay. All three were co-workers at a local medical facility when they embarked on a mission to provide quality patient care without some of the restrictions that come with being part of a corporate entity. This mentality allows Walkabout to provide patients with truly personalized care.

Walkabout Orthotics and Prosthetics is an ABC accredited facility conveniently located across from Aspirus Wausau Hospital. We offer state of the art, comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic services. Specialties include custom orthotics, AFOs, KAFOs, spinal orthoses and halo stabilization. We currently provide the Walkaide Electrical Stimulation Device for foot drop, CVA and upper motor neuron lesions. Prosthetic services include above and below knee and elbow custom prostheses. Walkabout utilizes the latest technology of silicon liners, computerized knees and foot mechanisms to build the best prosthetic for each patient's needs. Walkabout also has certified staff to see mastectomy patient's for form and bra fittings.

Although many patients assume our products are off-the-shelf, in fact 90% of our devices are custom fabricated at our lab in Wausau insuring the best possible fit and function.

Walkabout's patients range from those involved in motor vehicle accidents or other traumatic event to surgical patients and also diabetics. Walkabout sees patients within a 100 mile radius of Wausau. Our locations include our home office in Wausau, as well as Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Antigo, Medford, Rhinelander, Owen, Tomahawk, Woodruff and all local nursing homes and health care centers.

The staff at Walkabout prides themselves in providing quality service to patients. We guide the patient in their care to ensure they are fitted with the best particular device for the best possible outcome. Walkabout wants people to know they have a choice in their orthotic and prosthetic care.

Walkabout's personal, caring and confidential staff always put the patients and their needs first. They will help each and every patient decide on the care that best suits them.

Walkabout uses quality material and workmanship to provide state of the art devices for orthotics and prosthetics. The caring and attentive staff at Walkabout will do whatever is necessary to get patients back to living their lives.

We offer free consultations and evaluations.  We are also a Preferred Provider for most insurance plans.  We'll submit claims for service provided and we will provide follow-up visits and adjustments to our appliances for three months at no charge for most cases.

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