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Monday Drive: TNT Speedway

by Bryon Graff

THREE LAKES (WAOW) - Tim and Patti Rutzen have no problem getting their hands dirty at TNT Speedway. This is the couple's self-described labor of love. A third mile clay track located just south of Three Lakes.

Patti Rutzen: "We bought the land for the purpose of building the racetrack."

The clay surface was always part of the plan. Which is actually unique for our area.

Patti Rutzen: "Over the years had good clay, bad clay. This year we put some new clay on. Paid some pretty good money for it. It came from south of Wausau but it's been all the difference in the world. It's been wonderful and really great. The drivers are happy. When they're happy we're happy."

Tim was a racer himself and turned his hobby into a business of his own. Some friends helped make that dream a reality. They're now running their 14th season.

Patti Rutzen: "We've got a great crew. A lot of people have been with us since the beginning. So we're blessed. We have a lot of people who care as much as we do. It makes it all come together."

The Rutzens aim for a family-friendly show. Kids names are drawn for a ride around the track during the national anthem.

Patti Rutzen: "Our race fans are almost like family. They've been here for a lot of years. We all work for the same goal, to put on a good show for the fans. We respect the drivers, they respect us. It makes for a nice program."

The track features your bombers and stingers all the way up to the more powerful WISSOTA Midwest mods and street stock.

Patti Rutzen: "Come on out and see us. We'd love to have you."

Online Reporter: Bryon Graff

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