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Helping Every Woman Know Her Own Breast Health

Breast cancer accounts for one of every three cases of cancer in women. It's so prevalent that the two most important factors in determining susceptibility are simply being a woman and growing older.

Fortunately, annual mammography is a powerful tool. Cancers caught when they are small are much more easily treated. Mortality rates would drop by 30% if all women 50 and older got annual mammograms. If detected early, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is over 98%.

Marshfield Clinic Women's Wellness BreastCare is focused on early detection and reducing your known risk factors. It includes self-exam education, clinical check-ups and starting at age 40, yearly mammograms performed under the direction of a radiologist specializing in breast issues. Delivered in conjunction with programs of the American Cancer Society, all services are performed in soothing, private surroundings to provide you with confidence and comfort, easing your mind and reducing stress - so there's no reason to miss your annual mammogram.

Perhaps the most comforting aspect of Marshfield Clinic Women's Wellness BreastCare is having your own "breast navigator" to coordinate your care. Your breast navigator is a registered nurse who will guide you through your treatment program. She will be as involved in your care as you wish. If you like, she will attend every appointment with you, help you ask and answer questions and explain details to you and your family.

Another important advantage offered by Marshfield Clinic Women's Wellness is a team review of every breast cancer case by surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. Unique in the region, this level of investigation is usually only found at much larger academic institutions. It allows our whole team to contribute their knowledge and experience to your unique fight against breast cancer.

A support group is also available to help you deal with treatment and recovery issues.

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