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About Us

Alternative Health Concepts is a community Resource for families seeking better health naturally. I and my staff have extensive advanced training and many years of experience in helping children and adults learn about and experience better health using natural and alternative methods.

My studies in science and medicine began in Europe, at the most prestigious university based medical college in Germany. In total I have over 14 years of academic university training from Germany and America, and over 25 years of daily clinical experience in patient care.

We offer a wide variety of natural and alternative health care services. To learn more, please read the additional information here or on our web page http://www.getyourlifeback.org/.

You can also call us at (715) 341-4949 for more information.

Please note that although I hold an MD degree from a recognized medical college, because the nature of my work is strictly limited to natural and alternative methods, I have chosen  not to be licensed in Wisconsin as a medical doctor. My work is strictly limited to natural and alternative methods, and should never be confused with health care services provided by common licensed allopathic medical doctors, who prescribe drugs and perform surgery. The Department of Regulation and Licensing in Madison, Wisconsin has asked me to clearly explain this to you, and they have authorized me to inform you of my educational background for your understanding of our work.

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