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Keep plants healthy through pruning

by Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- I'm joined by Angie Rothsmeyer of Westside Garden Nursery up in Medford. Thanks for being here Angie.

Your going to be talking about pruning plants to keep them healthy.

You've got a variety of pruners with you here today. Why don't you show us what you do to keep that shrub healthy.

"Ok, well first of all Tony when your buying a shrub at a nursery you want to make sure that they're selling you something zoned for our area," says Rothsmeyer. "And any reputable nursery will tell you if its appropriate for your area. Your also looking for sun or shade. For this plant here I brought it specifically for the show, to show you how to trim it. You can see down in here theres some branches that are dying off and the best thing to do is to take a little clippers and clip it out. And the reason to do that then is the plant will actually take the energy and boost it back into it, creating a new branch. Then you get a nice bushy shrub."

Rothsmeyer says, "the rest of it is just shaping it. So that its in a nice circular pattern or a nice square pattern. Just depending on what your looking at."

If you had some long branches that are real floppy, those might be good ones to trim off.

"Now I just used this little handled one for this hydrangea tree, but you can also use bigger ones for a great big tree," says Rothsmeyer. "And then my favorite ones to use are these Krona clippers because especially on arborvitae's you could do alot of clipping really fast."

Its like a good haircut for that bush.

If you have really healthy arborvitae's, just shape them into a circle and typically in the spring, you'll see some brown spots on them that can be clipped out. The tree will come back healthy and fill in.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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