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by Kelsi Schindler

MILWAUKEE (WAOW) -- The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is being sued after the religious group allegedly placed a known child molestor in schools, including Lincoln Hills, according to a criminal complaint.

The late Lawrence Murphey was a preist ordained and employed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. During Murphey's employment, he worked at St. John's School for the Deaf in St. Francis, St. Anne Church in Boulder Junction and Lincoln Hills School in Irma.

Now, a former Lincoln Hills

Though the Archdiocese knew of alleged reports that deaf students brought against Murphey claiming they were sexually molested by him, the Archdiocese continued to "


In 1973,  a deaf child reported to St. Francis Police that Murphey had sexually molested him as a child, according to the same criminal complaint.

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