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Silo foundation turned goldfish pond

by Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- Darrel Damm, of Stetsonville, converted an old silo foundation on his property into a goldfish pond.

"It started about six years ago," says Damm. "It's just a silo foundation and I had trouble mowing around it, so I decided one day just to dig it out and I'm gonna make a little pond and throw some goldfish in."

And those goldfish have been thriving ever since. Damm originally bought 21 goldfish and they have all survived for the past six years.

"They reproduce every year, says Damm. "I usually get 75 to a 100 babies that I net out every fall."

When the temperatures start dropping, Damm takes precautionary measures to ensure his goldfish stay safe.

"In the winter the pond isn't deep enough, it would freeze out -- and I don't want to put a heater in it -- so I just pump it down and I net the fish out and put them in a tank in the basement," says Damm. "I Put a filter in there and keep them there all winter. Then the baby fish I put in a separate tank."

Then, Damm takes the babies to a local greenhouse in the spring. There, the fish live in decorative fountains.

While in the pond, the goldfish require a special diet. Domn feeds them goldfish pellets and, he says, they eat some bugs.

But that's not the only way these goldfish are taken care of. The fish pond needs to be cleaned too.

"I got a circulating filter system," says Damm. "It's actually self cleaning and it circulates the pond water about once every hour, the entire pond gets circulated through that filter."

Damm says he switched over to the filtration system because using chemicals became costly, but it's all worth it in the end.

"It's kind of relaxing to just sit out here in the evening and just watch them splash around," says Damm.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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